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After four years of travelling the world together they were faced with a dilemma following the arrival of ‘Saree’ their first Maine Coon kitten. As a result they decide to take turns staying at home ‘kitten sitting’  [ see Maine Coon Cats page]

1998 - U.S.A. & Australia.
In the summer Clive went to stay with his long time friend Richard Byford [Byway Entertainment] in Palm Springs, California, U.S.A. and a visit to the Grand Canyon.

He then flew west from LA across the international date line and equator to Australia and a trans continental train journey on the 'Indian Pacific' from Sydney through the vast Nullarbor Plain to Perth.  From there he flew up to Alice Springs and made a safari trip out to Ayres Rock and The Olgas before catching the world famous 'Ghan' train south from Alice to Adelaide.   Next he flew on to Melbourne where, apart from sightseeing, he visited the MCG to watch an 'Aussie' Rules football match before catching a train back to Sydney for more sightseeing and a flight home, crossing the international date line the opposite way to London via Los Angeles. 

..    ..     

Grand Canyon

..    ...    

                      Australia : Sydney Harbour Bridge;                             The Opera House;                     Lounge bar on The Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth    

 ..  ..

                                                        The Nullabor plain                                and                                                                           Perth from Kings Park

..     .

Ayres Rock at sunset                         and                           The Olgas at sunrise

..    ..
The Ghan ready for departure from Alice Springs and the Club car

1999 - Mexico.
In the late summer Clive flew out to the Yucatan area of Mexico to tour the ancient Myan sites of Chichen Itza, Uxmul and Tulum

..            ..    ..   ..

Chichen Itza : Temple of The Warriors                                                                    Uxmal : Piramide del Advina [Magician] and Gran Piramide

..     ..

Tulum : Temple de los Frescos and Castillo Lookout

2000 - Canada.
During March Clive flew to Canada to embark on another trans continental trip he had long wanted to make. First stop was Toronto and a visit to Niagara Falls then a train journey by 'The Canadian' across the continent via Winnipeg and Edmonton to Jasper in the Rocky Mountains. After a few days visiting the local sites and trying his hand at driving a dog sledge with a team of eight huskies he rejoined the train to Vancouver and a trip to Victoria on Vancouver Island before flying home via Chicago.

..      ..  ..  ..

Niagra Falls                                                                            ‘The Canadian’ Bullet Car - and Observation dome

..    ..

                        The Prairies between Winnipeg and Saskatoon                                                    Jasper

..      ..   ..

                Icefields Parkway                                                           Lake Loise                                                          Mount Robsom

              .         ..
                                                    Leaving ‘ The Rockies’                                                                                  Clive Dog sledding at Cold Fire Creek near Mount Robson

Having visited all five major Continents and many places he had ‘dreamed’ about for years there are inevitable highlights among them and these are expanded in the sections on his Memorable Sights ..... Read on >>>

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