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Following Clive’s retirement at the end of 1993 they set out on a series of long haul flights to see the world. The first was intended to be Clive’s long held ambition to cross by train from Moscow to Beijing and a tour of China however a few weeks before departure the holiday was cancelled and replaced with a tour of Moscow and flight to Samarkand to cross China to Shanghai :

1994 - Russia, Uzbekistan, China:
They flew to Moscow and toured the Kremlin before flying south to Tamerlane's ancient capital Samarkand to embark on a 3,200 mile train journey following the ancient ‘Silk Route’ from China.  First they crossed Uzbekistan to Almaty the largest city in Kazakhstan then on to the Chinese border. From there to Turfan - renowned for its under ground wells and grape growing although situated in the Turfan Depression over 500 feet below sea level with summer temperatures recorded as high as 1220F. From there they visited the ruined city of Gaochang [c100 BC] and the Flaming Mountains. Then on to Dunhuang in the Gobi Desert and the Mogao Grottoes [caves] followed by Jiayuguan at the western end of the Great Wall. Next stop was Xian and the Terracotta Warriors. On then to Nanking, Wuxi - and a cruise along the Grand Canal to Suzhou - and finally Shanghai.   From there they flew to Beijing to visit the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Great Wall at Badaling before flying south to Guilin with the spectacular mountains along the Li River. Another flight to Hong Kong completed their first visit to Asia.

1994 : Russia & Uzbekistan

. .  .  .                ......

St Basil’s Cathedral  Moscow                        Ulugbek Madrassa, Registan - Samarkand

1994 : Kazakhstan & China 

. .    .                                                                                     .             . .           . .

. Russian Train - Dining Car    and          chatting on the Chinese train                            Almaty [Kazakhstan]                   sight seeing at Ruins of Goachang [China]

       .    . .      .

           Dunhuang - Giant Sand Dunes                                                                        Xian - Terra-cotta Warriors     Beijing - The Forbidden City [Hall of Supreme Harmony]
     . .      ..            
         Badaling : The Great Wall                                                         Guilin: Li River                                                                    .        Hong Kong from Victoria Peak  

1995 - Sweden & Finland. India & Thailand:
Early in the year they flew to Stockholm to visit friends and sailed over to Helsinki in Finland and soon after that took a short break in St Malo, France.  

Later they flew to India to visit Delhi, Agra and the magnificent Taj Mahal, Jaipur and Amber before returning to Delhi for a flight to Thailand where they visited the ornate Royal Palace in Bangkok.

1995: India & Thailand

. .. .   . . . .

India 1995  :  visiting the Taj Mahal          With a friendly python                      Jaipur: Palace of the Winds

. .           . .         . .

Fatephur Sikri [The Deserted City]        By elephant to the city of Amber and                                                          Amber: Garden Courtyard

. .          . .            ..              . .
1996 - Egypt. Peru & the West Indies:  
In the early summer they were off to Africa to visit Egypt staying first in Luxor where they toured the ancient temples of both Luxor and Karnak and then visited the Valley of The Kings, including the tomb of Tutankhemen, between a number of relaxing trips sailing on the Nile.   This was followed by a flight north to Cairo and the Pyramids.   

Then in the autumn they flew west and down across the equator to Peru where thye visited Arequipa and a trip via Colca Gate at 14,000ft to Colca Canyon - twice the depth of The Grand Canyon. From Arequipa they took a short flight to Juliaca then by coach to Puno. Whilst there they had a boat trip on Lake Titicaca [11,500 ft above sea level] and visited the fascinating 'floating islands'. Next by train through the Andes to Cusco and the ancient Inca sites of Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo and the awe inspiring Machu Picchu.  On the way home they stopped off to lie in the sun on beaches of the Dutch West Indies isle of Aruba.  

1996  : Egypt
. .   . .   . .

Luxor - Temple of Karnak : entrance with Avenue of Sphinxs and Hypostyle Hall.         Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

. .   . .   . .

Luxor - Valley of  The Kings - Tomb of Tutankamun :         Entrance to Temple at Edfu

. .   .  .   . .

Sailing on the Nile in a faluca at sundown         and       sunset on The Nile

1996 : Peru
. .   . .   .. .

Arequipa - Plaza de Armes & Cathedral                       Colca Canyon           and         Reed boat builder on Lake Titicaca

.         . .

Lake Titicaca villagers on floating reed island                           and  train from Puno to Cuzco

. .   . .

Ruins of Inca stronghold at Sacsyhuaman                                             and Cherie with tame Condor

. .   . .   . .
Early morning at Machu Picchu                                                                                                   and sunset on beach at Aruba

1988-93 - Germany,

After Cherie and Clive getting together in 1987 individual holidays naturally gave way to shared trips. These started when they visited Cherie's daughter Tracie, then living in Germany. In 1988, 89, and 90 they were in West Berlin. The first visit included a trip, via Checkpoint Charlie, to East Berlin, the second coincided with the dismantling of the Berlin Wall and by the third visit The 'Wall' had gone and they were able to stroll through a re-united city. Then further visits to Germany in 1991 and three Christmases in 1992 in Osnabruck and both 1993 and 94 in Guttersloh.

     1989 Berlin - Checkpoint Charlie.                1990 ‘The Wall’ being dismantled


                 1991 Brandenburg Gate

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