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Cherie's major interests are cultural - meeting people and trying local foods [and wines] - plus wild life and nature. Holidays are a time to relax and take things easy in the sun and at first were short haul destinations around the Mediterranean.  Her first trip abroad was in 1972 when she went to Greece followed in 1974 by a visit to Sicily. Staying in the Mediterranean her next holiday was to Malta in 1978 and Italy the following year [1979]. After that she visited Corfu in 1981 and Crete in 1982  Then for three years, 1983, 84 and 85, she visited Morocco followed in 1986 with a trip to Cyprus and then a return to Morocco in 1987 After moving to live with Clive in Brighton she made a pre booked solo visit Turkey in the summer of 1988  Highlights of her travels include the Maasai Mara Safari Park in Kenya, the Orang Utans reserve in Borneo and sharing the water with Dolphins in Mexico.

Clive's urge to travel the world started when he was about nine and attended The King Alfred School which had been evacuated from Hampstead, London to Royston, Hertfordshire for the duration of the war. The school has a radical approach to education encouraging pupils to develop individuality and personal responsibility. Geography became his favourite subject with a particular love of maps followed by history and art. When he was eleven his Geography master at Letchworth Grammar created a vision of travelling by train across Europe to Moscow. Then the Trans Siberian across Russia to Vladivostok and on to Vancouver to cross to Toronto on the Canadian Pacific. As a result the world was a fascinating place he wanted to see for himself not just read about in books. His main interests have always been in geographical sights or historical sites associated with ancient civilisations and he’s been fortunate to visit The Pyramids, Abu Simbel, The Nile and Luxor in Egypt; Great Zimbabwe and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe; Lake Titicaca and the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru; the Myan ruins of Uxmal and Chichen Itza, Mexico; The Grand Canyon, U.S.A; Niagara Falls, Canada; Uluru [Ayres Rock] and the vast Nullabor plain in Australia; The Kremlin, Russia; Samarkand, Uzbekistan; Taj Mahal, India and The Turfan Depression, Great Wall and Forbidden City in China.

His first opportunity however was enforced when he was enlisted into the Royal Air Force in 1952 for National Service and applied for an overseas posting. As a result he spent 21 months at R.A.F. Kasfareet alongside the Great Bitter Lake on the Suez Canal in Egypt, but as it was classified as active service there were few chances to get off camp and see the country. There was however a Leave Camp in Famagusta, Cyprus where he stayed in the summer of 1954 and visited Nicosia, Larnaca, the Roman ruins at Salamis and the mountain top castle of St Hilarion.

He returned to England later that year and then in 1958, during the Skiffle era, bought his first guitar leading him into the world of traditional music and folk song and his fist real trip abroad in 1964 when as part of  a folk dance and song group from Chichester that represented England at the International Folk Music Festival in the ‘Sound of Music’ city of Salzburg, Austria, followed by a number of trips with the same group to more folk festivals starting later the same year with a trip to Schoten in Belgium and two years to Antwerp and then Yvoir, both again in Belgium

During 1966 he drove across Europe via Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, and Italy to Venice and on to camp in Yugoslavia then toured again in 1971 via Belgium, Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Greece to Turkey where he visited the historic ruins of Troy, Pergamon and Ephesus.

In 1972 he flew to Tunisia and explored the ancient site of Carthage and the Roman ruins of Dougga and Thuburbo Majus but in 1973 he was back driving across Europe to Italy where I visited Pisa, Rome and Pompeii.. The following year – 1974 - he was at Bad Harzburg in Germany as song tutor at a folk dance and song course and during 1976 and 77 made several visits to the historical university towns of Heidelberg and Tubingen, including singing at the Tubingen 1977 folk festival.

In 1978 he was again holidaying in Germany, this time with friends in Stuttgart, and in 1979 sailed across to Norway to visit his friend the folk singer and fiddle player Duncan Wood. Later that year and again in 1980 he was in Denmark singing at folk clubs in Aahus and Copenhagen, and in 1981 Germany again touring and singing with two friends at folk clubs in Heidelberg followed a few months later by a holiday to Interlaken in Switzerland where he took a trip up the 11,330 feet Jungenfrau.  Then in 1986, together with the Merrie England Mummers and a folk group from Heathfield in Sussex, he was back for another visit to Germany on an exchange visit to perform in Tauberbischofsheim.


                        1954 Cyprus  : St Hilarion Castle and ruins of Salamis


               1966 Venice : gondolas   and Rialto bridge

                                                      1971 Turkey : Troy

              1971 Istanbul, Blue Mosque


                       1971 Pergamon and Ephesus


                     1972 Tunisia - Carthage



                          1972 Dougga   and Therbus Major


1973 Italy - Pisa       and     1981 Switzerland -  on The Jungenfrau



Including individual holidays : 1953 to 1987

We both enjoy travelling and have now, either together or individually, visited all of the major continents.

Before we met our individual trips were relatively close to home visiting much of Europe and the Mediterranean then, after we met, they continued to be confined to that area for the next 5 years until Clive retired in 1993 after which they were extended to long haul, exotic destinations around the world.