Cherie Davies and Clive Bennett

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Our Hobbies

Cherie was a talented musician and studied the piano attaining the Royal School of Music Grade 8

She was also interested in crafting and after retiring took up macrane which she exhibited and sold at a number of craft fairs in Sussex

Clive had three major hobbies each with a higher priority at different stages of his life.

Sport: [Football]

In his early teens just as the war ended he took up football and followed his father into playing for the village team which continued after he moved to Sussex playing for teams in Ferring and Worthing until he was about 30

Music: [Traditional folk songs]

By then he had started playing the guitar and from 1962 was involved with fok music for the next 40 years, organising a number of folk song clubs around Sussex and Kent


He had always travelled but this had been largely confined to Europe until he retired - then for 8 years from 1993 to 2000 the life long fascination with world travel took over. Although he didn’t pursue his time at art school with painting he did take up photography and in his 40’s took an advanced course - this becames particularly useful when he started travelling and led to hundreds of ‘photos around the world.

Sport: [Bowling]

As long ago as 1955 he was introduced to and briefly enjoyed lawn bowling but put it aside as something to try later. Forty-three years later he did and joined Hangleton, his local club in 1997 - with some success.

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