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Kagoza Maia

Born 9 June 2015

The deaths of Sambuca was a major trauma and took several months to get over, but eventually it was time to move on and on 2 November 2022 a new four legged friend from Kent crossed the threshold. Kagoza Maia - a seven year old black tortie Maine Coone.

In Greek mythology Maia is the mother of Hermes, daughter of Atlas and eldest of the Pleiades, while in Roman religion the month of May [Latin Maius] was named for her. Today ‘The Pleiades’ is a star cluster known as The Seven Sisters found in the night sky in the constellation of Taurus.

Born on 9 June 2015 she is a ‘middle aged’ lady being rehomed from a breeder where she had shared the house with up to 30 cats and kittens. She was a little wary at first of so much space and personal attention but like all cats, food and cuddles soon turned her round and she’s now more relaxed and loves playing with toys.

Then she found sitting on a lap was comfortable - and warm. Which quickly evolved into regularly sharing a chair with Cherie combined  with lots of very soft contented purring.

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Maine Coon Cats … 'The gentle giants'