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With the deaths of both Rana and Saree within a few days Kanati suddenly found himself alone having at one stage been a member of a five strong ‘gang’ of Maine Coons.  We thought he was possibly a little lonely so contacted several breeders to see if they had a mature cat - rather than a kitten - who would like a new home….

So on the 2 February 2013 International Champion Atticus Sambuca - Buci for short - a pretty Black Tortie Blotched Tabby born on 16 April 2007 moved in to live with us …. BUT ‘the best laid plans etc …. Kanati was very wary of a new full grown ‘stranger’ while Buci showed no concern about anything and simply took possession of the entire flat as though she’d lived there forever.

Kanati remained suspicious of her for the rest of his life but she just settled in more and more comfortably. She quickly adopted us and demonstrated her natural instinct was to be a ‘lap cat’. Anywhere anytime, if you sat still she was on your lap within minutes.

Unfortunately not long after her arrival and on her first routine visit to our vet they found she had a sever case of gingivitus and also discovered a large than normal lump in the bone of her jaw giving further rise to concern that she could have bone cancer.  Several ‘expensive’ months later after a range of tests it was decided there was no problem just an unusual but natural thickening of the bone. With that concern removed she then had to be treated for the gingivitus leading eventually to two operations to remover her teeth - fist one side and then the other - which successfully resolved the problem.

A naturally very loving cat she adores attention and being close to people and loves them to join her in playing with toys. One unusual habit is that as you go to stroke her instead on nudging your hand up with her nose to run it over her head she uses your hand to rub the end of her nose, rubbing it to and fro and then possibly along he cheek.

Very much a creature of habit she has a well defined routine. She sleeps in her own little bed beside Clive’s pillow but responds immediately to Cherie waking in the morning and joins her as she goes to the kitchen ready to ‘share’ a taste of her breakfast before having her own meal usually followed by a game. Around 7.30 she’s off to the bedroom to curl up on the bed alongside Clive ready for when he gets up. By mid morning she’s ‘hovering’ close to him ready for her lunch after which she’s off to curl up on the bed for an afternoon nap.  By five she’s back looking for her evening meal and during the evening spends most of the time on Cherie’s lap. When Cherie goes to bed Clive’s lap becomes the focus of her attention although when it gets very late she moves to curl up in a chair. Eventually, at the time Clive normally retires, she wakes and goes back to sit on his lap for attention and fuss with the clear message - it’s bed time. She then follows him into the bedroom.  There she climbs on the bed and curls up by his chin until she senses he is dropping off to sleep at which time she walks quietly to her bed on cabinet close to his head to sleep for the night until Cherie was ready to wake next morning and the routine start all over again.

In April 2020 she stated to lose weight and was diagnosed with diabetes needing insulin injections twice a day, to which she quickly responded and returned to good health - apart from a little lameness in her back legs. In November 2021 a routine check found she was in remission and no longer needed injections.

However in June 2022 she suddenly developed a swollen lip which, although not displaying any change in her normal behaviour, progressed over 4 weeks to a cancerous tumor and sadly on 23 July she suddenly deteriorated and aged 15 years and 3 months we had to say goodbye to a wonderful friend and companion who will live on with us for a long, long time.



R.I.P. International Champion Atticus Sambuca

16 April 2007 - 23 July 2022

Maine Coon Cats … 'The gentle giants'