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R.I.P. Kittycoonz Kumar Khan

2 January 2000 - 22 March 2001

R.I.P. Kittycoonz Kumar Khan

2 January 2000 - 22 March 2001

'Who me?' - Two 'innocent' brothers
Taro [17 months] and Kumar [5 months]
May 2000


Kumar's awards:

Junior [up to 5 Oct 2000]:
Five Ex1's, one VG 1, one BIV and two Nominations.
Adult [up to 22 Mar 2001]: Two CAP's, one Ex2
Taro's young brother, was born on 2 January 2000   His name was Kittycoonz Kumar Khan, normally called Kumar, an Indian word meaning Prince.  He was a red classic tabby with white, pictured right when he was just three months old.   He came to live with us at the beginning of April 2000 and while Taro is a typical 'laid back' Maine Coons, Kumar was not.  He was always 'up front' and cheeky, living and loving life to the full.

During the evening of 22 March 2001 he had been asleep but woke up just before ten o'clock.  He went over to Clive to 'ask' him to play.  Clive threw his favourite toy and he chased it and brought it back to hide round the side of Clive's chair.  Then Clive threw it again and he chased it and picked it up but instead of bringing it back he gasped and fell over and lay twitching.   We rushed off immediately with him to see the all night vet but it was too late.  She thought he had died within a few seconds from a heart attack.

He was such a loving kitten and wanted to be with someone all the time, even when the window cleaner called he would follow him from window to window, rubbing up against the inside glass while the outside was being washed.  When we were out he sat in the window to watch us come home and was always first to the door.  He purred constantly and would come up to you and 'talk' whenever he wanted something - even telling you every time when he had been in the litter box so that it could be cleared.  Whenever we moved from one room to another - yes, even to the bathroom - he went with you, usually with a toy so that you could play with him.  He 'helped' with the cooking, washing, ironing, bed making, putting on make-up and everything else we did.  Although not very fond of bathing before a show he would still stand on the edge of the bath with his head peeping round the curtain while you had a shower.  Always full of energy and mischief he would play for hours every day chasing toys, or Saree, round the rooms and he would always bring a toy with him when he came to 'chirrup' in your face to wake us up each morning at about five o'clock.  He was extremely agile and would regularly make a jump of nearly five feet straight up from the dressing table to walk along the top of the bedroom door or along the top of the unit over the bed.  He was a very, very special and loving kitten and although we hoped he would be our main show cat he was above all else the ultimate pet.  The home was suddenly so empty without him and Taro missed him, but not as much as we did.

As a show cat his first show was at East Grinstead on 9 April 2000, where he won his class and was awarded an 'Excellent One', followed in May by a show in Worthing where he again won his class and an 'Excellent One' and also received a 'Nomination' to the final stages - unfortunately without success.   In July he travelled with his big brother Taro, all the way to Lincoln where and gained another 'Excellent One' by winning his class and then in August went to the show at Chessington where he gained another win, although only a 'Very Good One'.  In September, he went to a show at Tonbridge and secured his fourth 'Excellent One' by again winning his class.   At the beginning of October, he went with Taro, to a show at Stratford Upon Avon and not only won another 'Excellent One' but also gained a BIV and Nomination, the latter unfortunately without any further success.  A few days after he got home Taro had cat flu and within a few days Kumar had it as well.  He was very, very ill and had to go to the vet for a series of jabs each day for four days.   The vet was really concerned and at first it appeared possible that he wouldn't survive but after a couple of weeks he recovered, although he wasn't well enough to go to Yateley with Taro at the end of October.

In 2001, at the end of January, he went to the Cat of the Year show at Stevenage.  It was his first show as an adult but he only came second in his class, winning an Excellent Two.  The judge did however give him a glowing report but said he wasn't yet fully matured.  We subsequently found that the cat that beat him was in the wrong class and would lose its certificate.  Unfortunately the rules meant  there was no retrospective award of first place to Kumar.

After this however he went to two shows, at Bognor Regis and East Grinstead, where each time he won his class and secured a CAP certificate towards the three he need to become a 'Premier'.  He was just staring to grow to a size that would have rewarded his full show potential.

Resting at home [Sep 2000 - aged 9 months]

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