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3. EGYPT : 1996 - 28 May 6.30pm,
                     1997 - 2, 3, 12 and 13 September 6.30pm  :  Sunset on the Nile at Luxor
His third ‘experience’ is in a sense ‘eternal’.  Forget the ancient Pyramids, the Sphinx, Abu Simbel or the ruined Karnak Temple at Luxor. They are all superb of course but for him nothing surpasses quietly floating along at sunset on board a traditional felucca on the timeless River Nile - older than mankind itself.   Calm, restful and the colour of the sky …. unbelievable.


4. CHINA : 1994 - 1 October 10.15am to 2.30pm
Cruising down the Li River at Guilin and the incredible limestone hills
His fourth choice almost defies description. Reality again goes beyond what you expect from ‘photos. The limestone hills along the River Li are totally unbelievable - even after you’ve seen them.

                         Horseshoe Falls                                                                                             Rainbow Falls


10. CHINA : 1994 - 30 September 8.30 to 11.00am  : Beijing - Summer Palace
A visit to China must include the Forbidden City and the Great Wall plus of course the Terracotta Warriors. But these are the popular sites and bustling and crowded. His great memory was visiting the Summer Palace early one morning when very few tourists were there - it was wonderfully serene : peaceful and calm.


Entrance to the Summer Palace

11.  AUSTRALIA : 1998 - 13 June 8.30am to 4.30pm  Crossing the Nullabor Plain by train

Crossing the Nullabor gives you a great sense of our and the earth’s place in the universe. For over 400 miles the longest straight stretch of railway track in the world, without a single curve crosses the endless landscape of hot reddish brown soil. Absolutely flat in every direction there’s not a single tree and for mile after mile for around 8 hours, as far as the eye can see and with a low horizon there is nothing but a vast overarching blue sky which dominates the senses and makes you feel incredibly small.

First tree for almost 400 miles

12.  RUSSIA : 1994 - 10 September :  The Kremlin - Moscow

This is a walled ‘fortification’ within the city, but somehow not quite what you expect. Political buildings, of course, but monuments, squares, space to walk around and Cathedrals. Historically it has been the scene of decisions that had world wide significance … home to Ivan the Terrible and Stalin's terrors, where Napoleon watched Moscow burn, Lenin planned the proletariat state and Khrushchev and Brezhnev led the communist cold war … but also the centre of the Russian Church.

The Kremlin from Red Square                                                                        and St Basils [from the rear]

Inside The Kremlin …. Cathedral of Annunciation in Cathedral Square


       Grand Kremlin Palace & Lenin [below]


13.  UZBEKISTAN : 1994 - 10 September :  Samarkand - The Registan

A magical name from history and synonymous with the ancient ‘silk route’ from China. Samarkand was already old when captured by Alexander the Great in 329BC. The first sight of the The Registan faced on three sides with huge majestic Madrassas is stunning.

      Ulugbek Madrassa

Roof top view of Samarkand

14.   ZIMBABWE : 1997 - 19 January : Great Zimbabwe

These ancient hilltop ruins dating from the 11th century are the second oldest in Africa after those in Egypt and although not well known are remarkable and provide the name for the modern Country of Zimbabwe. Construction by the Shona people started in the 11th Century and continued for some 400 years. At its peak it probably housed around 18.000 people and is now recognised as a World heritage Site by UNESCO

Hill top ‘Palace’                                                              stairs up and entrance


And on the plain below:

15.   AUSTRALIA : 1998 - 8 June : Sydney Harbour Bridge

There are bridges … and then there’s Sydney Harbour Bridge.  You know what to expect but the sheer size is of the structure is still impressive. Climb up from the harbour side and look out from the bridge across for a spectacular view of the Opera House.

      Early morning ‘white’                                        Afternoon ‘pink’

High Priest’s Chamber

‘Ruinas Hotel’ next to the site entrance


Day 1 : Road in through the valley                 and up to the site


 Approaching the Taj Mahal


  Entrance to Taj Mahal

              Late afternoon


Two boats - one a real ferry … the other : made from marble



      Great Enclosure and Conical Tower


   Great Enclosure & Conical Tower

Clive’s memorable holiday sights : 1 to 15

Clive’s most memorable sights and experiences 1 to 15


PERU, Sunrise over Machu Picchu


CANADA, Dog sledding, Coal Fire Creek


INDIA, Fist sight of Taj Mahal


CHINA, Summer Palace, Beijing


EGYPT, Sailing on The Nile at sunset


AUSTRALIA; Crossing the vast Nullabor by train


CHINA, Sailing on the River Li at Guilin


RUSSIA, The Kremlin


AUSTRALIA: Sunset over Ularu [Ayres Rock]


UZBEKISTAN, The Registan


ZIMBABWE, First sight of Victoria Falls


ZIMBABWE, Great Zimbabwe ruins


U.S.A. Arriving by air over the Grand Canyon


AUSTRALIA, Sydney Harbour Bridge


PERU, The Floating Islands on Lake Titicaca