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2013 : The Canaries - Fuerteventura

In June Cherie was off for a two week holiday on Fuerteventura in The Canaries


2014 : Tenerife

This year it was just a week break for Cherie in March to Tenerife, back in The Canaries




2015 : Dominican Republic and Italy [Venice]

In February / March Cherie was off on a long haul flight for a two week holiday in the sunny Dominican Republic

Then in September another two week break this time to Venice Lido, Italy







           St Mark’s Square                                                         Tourists Canals                                                             And a ‘non’ tourist canal !

2016 : Madeira - Porto Santo

In May Cherie made a relatively short flight for a two week holiday in Madeira







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Mexico, Cape Verde, Tenerife, Dominican Republic, Venice & Madeira